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Tom Kristiaan releases his new album "Inspired by Nature"

Sept 29, 2023

Tom Kristiaan is a Belgian neoclassical pianist and composer. His dreamy piano compositions reached over 25 million streams in more than 180 countries, and his latest album "Petites Danses et Rêveries" has been nominated for the Edison Music Awards. Today, he presents his fourth album "Inspired by Nature", which contains 12 tracks inspired by the nature photography of Wouter Pattyn.


Tom Kristiaan began music lessons at the age of 9. He always dreamed of playing the piano. He started his classical music education at the Bruges Conservatorium (1984-1992), and later studied accordion, jazz piano, ensemble, singing, music theory and music composition in the conservatory of Antwerp, Ostend, Courtrai and Bruges. 

Bit by bit, he turned his hand to composition and developed his signature style of neoclassical, dreamy melodies, always steeped in a sense of melancholy.

In 2019 Tom Kristiaan recorded his first solo album, In Deep Woods. Several tracks from it have been featured in films on Belgian TV.

In 2020, during the Covid lockdown, he composed Tom's Gymnopédies (EP), his personal interpretation of Erik Satie’s famous Trois Gymnopédies.

In 2021, he released his second full album Glance of You, which included the singles Winter Snow and Seized by the Wind on felt piano.

In 2022, he recorded the album Petites danses et rêveries, a collection of warm, intimate compositions inspired by the world of dance. A local artist created a unique artwork for each piece. His album reached more than 25 million streams in 180 countries, "Un Sourire et une Larme" was selected as 'Lekkere Track' by NPO4 radio and the album was nominated for the Edison Music Awards (Publieksprijs) together with artists such as Max Richter and Hans Zimmer.

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"Inspired by Nature"

Kristiaan composed his fourth album inspired by the breathtaking images of nature photographer Wouter Pattyn, a wildlife and nature photographer who travelled during more than 20 years through Europe and shot the most fascinating places of our planet. Pattyn then published his photos in a book called "Wild of Europe".

Tom Kristiaan was overwhelmed by the beauty and pureness of the images and decided to compose piano pieces that would express the mood of the images. From the mystic vastness of Iceland, the realm of the Alps, the elegant movements of a series of birds to the mysterious snow landscapes in the Belgian lowlands.

The album will be promoted by a concert tour where live piano performances by the artist will be synchronized to a large screen image projection.

"Inspired by Nature" was mixed and produced by Patrick Hamilton (The Globe Recording Studios in Bruges) and is distributed by the label Piano & Nature (PM Recordings).

Track list:

  1. Red Moon

  2. Dawn

  3. Paradise in Poland

  4. Like a Bird

  5. Mourning Tree

  6. Iceland's Infinity

  7. Mystic Norway

  8. Almighty Alps (album version)

  9. Scottish Sky

  10. Youth & Joy

  11. A light Breeze

  12. White Belgium

Stream "Inspired by Nature"

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