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The new EP by Charlotte Butler is out now!

Sept 8, 2023

British pianist and composer Charlotte Butler just released her new EP "Shoreline Score" - which includes five contemporary classical piano miniatures. Keep reading to learn more about the artist and her newest work.


Charlotte is a pianist and composer from North East England. She studied music at Sage Gateshead and Newcastle University, gaining a First-Class Honours degree alongside diplomas in piano and music theory.

Charlotte specialises in composing atmospheric solo piano music that has both an immediate and lasting effect on the listener. In 2020, she released her debut album, Illuminated Keys. This was followed by her popular "A Piece a Day" series, where she composed and uploaded a new piece daily during the UK lockdown. Her music has featured in the Atmospherica composer concert series, Steve Luck’s Peaceful Piano series, and on NTS Radio.

Last August, Charlotte’s composition "Nocturne: Moonlight on the Waves" was published by EVC Music in a new piano anthology inspired by Chopin’s Nocturnes. The collection, titled 22 Nocturnes for Chopin, is made up exclusively of pieces by women composers.

New EP

"Shoreline Score" is composed of five contemporary classical piano miniatures evoking an array of coastal scenes.

"I live by the coast, and it has always been a source of inspiration for my music."

Each piece in Shoreline Score depicts a different sea-inspired moment, described below by the artist.

1: Sea Gleam

The first track was inspired by the golden glint of the sun on the water’s edge. A free-flowing melody dances over the rippling waterlike accompaniment, with an unexpected midway modulation suggesting a shift in the tide.

2: Whirlpool

This piece was partly inspired by the solo piano works of Philip Glass. Relentless polyrhythms suggest the drama of a vortex while sonorous bass notes represent the powerful currents capable of creating such a phenomenon.

3: Rolling Waves

In the third piece, the lilt of the compound metre and continuous arpeggio accompaniment depict the gentle rising and falling of waves on the beach. The relaxing nature of the piece evokes the meditative feeling of watching the sea.

4: Glimmer

This piece is a sound picture of the iridescent shine of shells and other treasures of the sea. It also recalls the joy of finding such a perfect seaside gem amongst the stones.

5: The Sea Stack

The final track was inspired by the impressive sea stacks on the coast of South Tyneside, UK. The piece captures the drama of waves crashing around these mighty landforms.

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