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Oscar Kowalski releases first single from his upcoming EP

Mar 3, 2023

French pianist and composer Oscar Kowalski just released his new single "La Peintre" which will be part of his upcoming EP "Aquarelle" coming out on April 14 via the label Nordic Euphony Records.

Photo credit: Gwenvaël Engel


Oscar is a self taught pianist from France, with more than 10 years of experience playing and composing music.

Music is a medium that allows unspoken things to come to life. While being evocative, music doesn’t frame. While being popular, music speaks to everyone individually. Any given piece of music as a specific impact. Music speaks to us without words. It might be one of the most powerful communication mediums, as it conveys an undefined matter, a substance that anyone can claim. This paradox of having something that is so meaningful, yet doesn’t use any words, means very much to me.

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About "La Peintre" and the upcoming EP

The origin of the EP "Aquarelle" came from an encounter last summer. After spending a couple of days with this person, sharing and talking, I came back to my place quite moved and inspired. "La Peintre" was composed in its entirety that day. However, the mood of the track was strangely new to me. The harmony, the melodic direction or the tempo were blended up in such a way that it inspired several other tracks.
After a couple of months playing in those waters, the analogy of the "Aquarelle" technic came up. It was musically, artistically and emotionally meaningful. I then picked four tracks to which I have assigned four elements of the painting art. The result is contemplative and soothing, drawing what comes to mind.

The EP is set to be released on April 14 via the Finnish label Nordic Euphony Records. In the meantime, the first single is available now and you can find it in all streaming platforms.

Stream "La Peintre"

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