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New LP "Elements" by Linus Alberg

Oct 27, 2023

German pianist and composer Linus Alberg just dropped a new album called "Elements" via Moderna Records and we're thrilled to share it with you!


Leonard alias Linus Alberg is a composer and pianist, born in South Germany. His music combines elements of classical piano with ambient and minimalistic electronic influences. Linus compositional work is affected by improvising and experimenting with acoustic instruments, pianos or pedal harmonium as well as electronic synthesizer.

His fascination for creating music started at the age of six when he first started playing the drums. After a few years, he discovered classical piano and fell in love with the variety of possibilities in melodies and expressions of the instrument. After eight years of learning classical piano and a few more years of experimenting with producing in different genres, Linus started recording his own compositions.

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New LP

"Elements" is the name of Alberg's new album, which includes eight pieces that he recorded during fall/winter 2022 in his new home studio in Augsburg. He wrote most of the pieces by improvising and experimenting with his piano during seasons full of change. At that time, he focused on existing elements that gave him strength, hope and expression to then combine them with experimental elements and new influences.

"The eight pieces are about individual stories of objects I found and collected, places I visited and experiences I’ve made in 2022 that became very important to me. By reinterpreting experiences, appearances, shapes or words into individual pieces of music, they became new elements to experience."

The center element for most of his pieces is his old felted upright piano, sometimes supported by soft sounds of a bass synth or layered with atmospheric phrases played on his pedal harmonium, some analog or digital synthesizers or the trumpet.

"Special thanks to Matthias Lindermayr for playing and recording all the trumpet elements for this album. I’m very thankful for your help and beautiful work!"
"Thanks to Martyn Heyne at Lichte Studio (Berlin) for the wonderful mastering of my album! Also, I want to thank Moderna Records for the lovely collab and great support helping me realize this project. Thanks for everything, you’re amazing!"


1. Herbst Waltz

2. Panther

3. Tides

4. Vienna

5. Oasj

6. Feather

7. Particle

8. Winds

Label: Moderna Records

Mastering: Lichte Studio Berlin

The album is available now on all streaming platforms!

Stream "Elements"

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