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Lucas Forch Unveils His New EP "Rosefinch"

Dec 1, 2023

Discover the latest release from Lucas Forch – "Rosefinch". Join us as we take a closer look at this beautiful new EP and the talented artist behind it.


The Danish pianist and composer, Lucas Forch, proves his unique ability to craft exquisitely emotive and melodic modern classical piano music on his new EP release "Rosefinch".

Following the great success of his debut album "Beginnings", which amassed over 30 million streams, and the subsequent folklore-inspired album "Solen Slukket", which beautifully integrated the enchanting tones of a clarinet into his piano melodies, Forch’s newest offering is taking the listener straight back to the pure piano.

The EP "Rosefinch" was inspired by the singing of birds as holds 6 recordings of which 'Iris' and 'Miasma' had already been released as singles. The new EP is a musical testament to Forch’s signature style – delicate instrumental "pop" solely conveyed through the resonating chords of his upright piano. Recorded in the intimate setting of his home, and then mixed and mastered by August Wanngren, the sound is expansive and brimming with air and headspace.

The new EP is available now on all streaming platforms via exoPAC Recordings!


1. Knirk

2. Miasma

3. Iris

4. Deolinda

5. Waves

6. Levon

Composer: Lucas Forch

Producer: Lucas Forch

Mix & Mastering: August Wanngren

Genre: Modern Classical Piano

Promotion: Jon Madsen


Danish pianist and composer Lucas Forch has established a unique presence in the world of music with his emotive and melodic creations. Beginning his piano journey at the age of 6, Forch's dedication to music has been long-standing. His first release, the debut album "Beginnings" marked his entry as a recording artist in 2021. The album was a huge success, garnering attention on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and receiving substantial airplay on Danish national classical radio P2. Recorded on a specially felted upright piano, it consisted of solo piano pieces that were characterized by its warm, soft sound, and offered a blend of hope and melancholy.

Expanding his musical repertoire, Forch ventured into his 2nd album "Solen Slukket" (Sun Out) which was recorded with piano and clarinet, featuring the talents of clarinetist and fellow Dane Christian Holm-Svendsen. The album was inspired by Scandinavian folklore, offering an almost hymn-like experience. The production further accentuates the warm, inviting nature that Lucas' compositions and sound holds.

Lucas Forch released his new EP "Rosefinch" on December 1st, 2023, which marked his return to his piano roots.

Apart from his recording career, Forch is an active live performer, regularly supporting local choirs, as well as being given a few headliner shows, here amongst Copenhagen's oldest museum Thorvaldsens. Forch's journey, from a young aspiring pianist to a brilliant composer and recording artist, reflects his deep connection with music and his ability to evoke emotions through his compositions.

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