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Kjell Sönksen releases his first piano solo album

Mar 24, 2023

Pianist and composer Kjell Sönksen caught everyone by surprise when he announced just two days ago that he would be releasing his very first felt piano solo album called "Some Things Remain". It's now officially available in all streaming platforms and we are happy to share it with you.


Based in Germany, he was classically trained from the age of nine and immediately fell in love with the piano. For Kjell Sönksen, it's about reflecting the indeterminable in life that only music can convey. His works are mainly impressionistic/minimalistic and he likes to play with chord colours.

About the new album

The new album "Some Things Remain" was released on March 24 and it's Kjell's very first piano solo album. It contains 9 previously unreleased new compositions that intimately reflect his style and soul.

I always feel more comfortable expressing myself through music. I wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered this pretty spontaneously in February in like 3-4 weeks in a pretty high work flow and creative moments.

The album varies in neo-classical, jazz, impressionism and emotional modern compositions.

Track list:

1. Between Moments 2. Raven's Eye

3. Tokyo

4. A Place To Stay 5. Stuck 6. Some Things Remain 7. La Tentatión 8. Blue 9. Walking On A Cloud

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