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International Peace Day: New charity album "Keys For Peace" by the Contemporary Classical Collective

Sept 21, 2023

The Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC) has released a charity album in aid of the S.O.S. Enfants foundation. "Keys for Peace" is out now via Modern Classical X.


The Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC) is a group of over 170 musicians and composers from around the world. CCC was initially formed in 2021 as a means to share music industry information and support members in their individual musical endeavors. However, as time progressed and world events unfolded, the CCC sought ideas to expand their mission to include support of the broader general public.

The result is "Keys for Peace" - a musical compilation album of sixteen original instrumental songs that are as inspirational and beautiful as the motivation behind them. CCC members have discovered that one of the many wonderful things about music is its power to unite people of different backgrounds and across borders in friendship. The album is a testament to how people can come together peacefully to leverage their different strengths to create something greater as a whole and for common benefit, rather than allowing differences to divide and isolate us. This is the message the CCC is both living and promoting while assisting others in need.

"Keys for Peace" represents musical genres ranging from solo piano to neoclassical. Proceeds will be donated to S.O.S. Enfants, a humanitarian organization founded in 1982 - whose aim is to offer the least privileged children the means to build and ensure their own future by giving them access to education and acquire training that will enable them to become responsible for their own development.

The album released for the International Day Of Peace on September 21st, 2023, and is available on all major music streaming services via the Modern Classical X.

Please listen and share as much as you can, any help counts.

Stream "Keys For Peace"

Donate to S.O.S. Enfants

Featured Artists

Carolyn Barela

Raphael Beaudon

Amaury Laurent Bernier


Lisa Cullum

Chris Davis

Roger Evernden

Davide Fasiello

Shere Fraser

Edoardo Gastaldi

Lise Jonsson

Luca Mazzillo

Chris Medway

Diego Spitaleri

Antonio Romo

Stephen Weber

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