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Pieter Savenberg's debut album "Lifelines" is out now!

May 19, 2023

Belgian pianist & composer Pieter Savenberg presents his very first album "Lifelines" via the label Piano & Nature. Let us introduce you to the artist and his long-awaited debut album.


Pieter Savenberg is a Belgian composer of modern classical music. Being the son of a professional trumpet player, Pieter learned to play the trumpet from the age of five. As a child, he played in the brass band of the town he grew up in. There, he got acquainted with the peaceful and lyrical melodies he still cherishes.

The piano came into the picture in his adolescence: charmed by the music of Yiruma and Einaudi, he wanted to play the pieces he loved listening to so much. After graduating as a pianist and trumpeter, Pieter also studied orchestral conducting.

With this diverse musical background, he begun writing music for solo piano in 2020. His music is by no standard complex, instead his composing mantras are "beauty in simplicity" and "melody is the essence".

Pieter’s mission is to make listeners feel something through his music. Hopefully some kind of calmness, in this age of anxiety. His music contains personal stories and expressions of his thoughts and feelings.


After a series of single releases, Pieter Savenberg shares one final track called "Dreams" to complete his debut album "Lifelines" - released via the label Piano & Nature.

Pieter takes us through the meaning behind it and what inspired the music.

Lifelines is a figure of speech for all the possible paths one could follow in life, depending on decisions, behavior and mindset. The underlying message is to live life in a conscious manner.
I wrote the piece 'Pathless' to express the feeling of being lost, not sure where I was heading in my career and love life. The thing I learned then is that it is ok to not know where I will be in two years, as long as I keep moving in a conscious way and trying out new things. Trust that the dots will also connect in the future.
Shortly after, I wrote 'Freedom', when I decided to no longer care so much about what society expects of me and what people think of me.
'Chiaroscuro' is about cloudy days, when I sometimes feel joyless and I learned to treat it like a bad day at the gym. And to be kind to myself.
'Guiding Light' and 'Dreams' are about listening to my internal compass, listening to what my emotions tell me to make choices. Around which people I feel the best version of myself and I love who I am allowed to be. Or when reflecting on what I still want to experience and do in my life.

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