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Luke Faulkner releases new album "Esja"

June 9, 2023

Luke Faulkner is a contemporary composer and pianist from Ludlow, U.K. His new album "Esja" is out today and you can find it in all streaming platforms.


Luke Faulkner studied at Chetham’s School of Music and the University of Oxford, earning the FRSM (Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music) diploma in 2017.

Since graduating, Luke has combined recording Classical repertoire with growing an audience for his original compositions on social media.

His Classical albums and collaborations have been in the Billboard Classical Top 10 on several occasions, including "Chopin: Classical Piano Masterpieces" at No. 1 in December 2022.

At present, he is working primarily on music for piano and strings and recently released works such as "Beneath the Crystal Veil" and "The Wanderer" which he filmed in Switzerland and Iceland. These films were released on his YouTube channel alongside platforms including Apple and Tidal, and the full album "Esja" from which they are taken is available now on all streaming platforms.


"Esja" is about a figurative wanderer in a subarctic landscape loosely based on Iceland. They explore a glacier, pass through lingering mists, and arrive at a mountain range. Atop the peaks, they drudge through snow, endure a a cold wind, and emerge in total isolation. The panorama is sublime, conveying the magnitude of the universe and the relative insignificance of individual concerns. Here they find peace.

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