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New double-single by A. Blomqvist

Mar 17, 2023

Finnish pianist and composer A. Blomqvist just released a double single called "Des bouts de Nous" via the label Nordic Euphony Records. In this post we share some information about the artist and his new piece.


A. Blomqvist is Finland's second most listened classical artist after world-renowned Jean Sibelius. His unique style of playing and creating the art has been noticed all over the globe with over 50 million streams worldwide.

In 2022, he started to negotiate with Sony Music and ended up starting a new Neoclassical record label called Nordic Euphony Records, which its music is distributed by The Orchard.

I feel like playing piano is inevitable part of me. When I play and create melodies I feel like I can describe feelings in a way that no words or sentences can.

Composing music is all about putting your heart out and trying your best to capture those meaningful moments in life and memorize it as a melody. I hope you feel the passion too.

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About "Des bouts de Nous"

"Des bouts de Nous" (Pieces of Us) is a double sided single with a solo piano version and a string version and it was released on March 17 via the label Nordic Euphony Records.

It is an old melody that got people's attention on social media. A clip from this piece was viewed almost 1 million times on Instagram before today's official release. It feels so good to finally release this track. I have tried to finish this one for years now. I feel like the strings brings depth to this arpeggio type of melody and it really makes the melody highlights to stand out. I hope you enjoy.

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