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Discover some of the best modern classical new releases of the week!

Our Spotify playlist is updated every Friday morning (Eastern time) with some of the best new releases of the week, picked by the MCP team.

To be eligible to be part of our playlist, please keep in mind the following points:

  • Your music must be releasing within the same week as our next update.

  • Submit through our forum or using the form below.

  • We prioritize piano music or pieces that are mainly focused on the piano.

  • Genres: Modern classical, neoclassical, contemporary, minimalist piano...



To submit to our 'New Releases' playlist for consideration, you can head over to our forum & create a post in the 'Music Releases' section or submit through the form below. However, submissions done directly in our forum will be prioritized.

Please keep in mind that with over 50+ new releases every single week, it is impossible for us to spot every new piece, listen to it & consider it for our playlist. Make sure that you submit your new music in time so we can listen to it before the playlist is updated.

The deadline is every Friday at 8 am (Eastern time).

Note: Submitting your music doesn't guarantee you a spot in the playlist.

Thank you



Submit your new release for consideration.

ONLY tracks releasing within the same week as the next update.

Thanks for submitting!

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